Understanding Post Nasal Drip Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Post Nasal Drip? 

Organs which are found in the covering of the throat, aviation routes, stomach and the nose delivers a substance, thick and wet in nature, which soaks these spots and helps with catching and obliterating outside items like microbes and infections, before making hurt our body tissues. 

As a rule, we don't perceive the mucosa in our nose since they are regularly blended with spit and move unnoticed down the back of our throats and gets gulped bit by bit for the duration of the day. It is just when these organs deliver a greater amount of the substance than regular, or when the substance is thicker than ordinary, the overabundance of it shows up in the front of the nose as a running nose. 

In the event that the bodily fluid moves down behind the nose to the throat, it is called post-nasal trickle. 

Reasons for Post Nasal Drip 

The condition happens on account of a few conceivable causes, for example, influenza, irritation of the sinuses, hypersensitivities, frosty, outside articles staying in the nose, pregnancy, a few medicines, for example, utilization of contraception pills and treatment of circulatory strain. Veered off septum, which is a condition which happens when the divider that partitions the two nostrils is strangely put, is another cause. 

Others incorporate changing climate conditions, for example, overabundance dryness noticeable all around, specific nourishments that may trigger the stream of the bodily fluid and vapor from a few substances, for example, fragrances, chemicals, cleaning items, smoke, tidy and other bad tempered materials. 

Post Nasal Drip Symptoms 

People with the accompanying side effects might be determined to have post nasal trickle pharmaceutical: 

Consistent clearing of the nose 

Aggravation sensation at the back of the nose 

Hacking and wheezing 

Bodily fluid stream which causes a consistent running nose 

Standard spitting and a tickling in the throat 

Stomach distress because of persistent gulping of the substance 

Breathing challenges, roughness and interminable sore throat 

Yellow or white masses framed particularly in the sepulcher of the tonsils, regularly called tonsil stones 

Exhaustion, queasiness, spewing and frontal cranial weight 

Terrible breath and grunting to expel bodily fluid from the nasal section which may not be conceivable to clear by simply cleaning out the nose 

Appearance of the oropharyngeal mucosa 


The primary choice for treatment of nasal polyps is normally a corticosteroid nasal shower. On many events, such treatment can recoil or even kill nasal polyps. In different cases, a decreased one-week course of oral corticosteroids might be required. 

Deplorably, nasal polyps tend to repeat if the fundamental disturbance, disease or sensitivity isn't completely controlled. Thus, it might just be fundamental to continue utilizing a corticosteroid shower to evade the nasal polyps from returning again and experience infrequent therapeutic checkups with a nasal endoscope. 

Commonly, medicines, for example, decongestants and antihistamines are of little incentive in controlling nasal polyps. Now and again, be that as it may, your doctor may give you antihistamines to help oversee hypersensitivities, or even a course of anti-microbials to deal with a concealed disease before starting any utilization of corticosteroid treatment.