Senior Doctor Asked Junior To Admit patient and Then Kill Him!! Read the full News

Nowadays, doctors seem to be very insensitive! Gone are those days when patients were the first priority for them; nowadays, all they need is money, money and money. However, some doctors are so insensitive, that they don’t mind killing a patient too. Why? Just because some patient disturbs their sleep by calling them late night. Shocked? Read the incident below…

Well, a senior doctor at SN Medical College, Agra (Swetank Prakash) literally told his junior (Abhishek) to kill the patient after admitting him, can you believe it? Yes, this happened when Mukesh Prajapati (18), who was suffering from TB, was rushed to the hospital.

Initially, the junior doctor didn’t admit him, but later got instructions from the senior doctor i.e. “Kill the man, make it so difficult that he leaves on his own, but just admit him”. It was shocking to see that Mukesh died shortly after this, may be because the doctor administered the wrong medicine.

Mukesh’s father Teekam Prajapati recorded this entire conversation on his phone and further complained to health department officials, who said that they will verify the whole recording.

Reports quote Mr. Prajapati as saying

“At around 10 pm on Friday, I took my son, who was suffering from TB, to the hospital after he complained of a stomach ache. Doctors at the medicine ward were just not willing to listen to us. We noticed the phone number of the head of the surgery department (Dr Swetank Prakash) listed on the wall and I called him up from Mukesh’s phone. I made the head talk to his junior colleague who was standing with us. Mukesh was then admitted to the emergency ward,”

Hours after this, Mukesh lost his life. Doctors had no clue that the conversation was being recorded. Teekam showed this audio clip to his family and they were shocked to hear this.

The exact words as heard in the recording were “Admit zaroor kar lo, surgery me ya medicine me; maar daalo usse; blood likh do, apne aap bhaag jayega”

Since all this happened late night, arranging blood transfusion was obviously very difficult and doctors were in no mood to go out of the way. Probably they would have had to go to another hospital to do so. In the recording, the doctor is also heard giving bad words to the family, just because he got disturbed at that point of time. Is this act justified? It is the doctor’s duty to save patients in times of emergencies!

Teekam wants action to be taken on the same as he blames the doctor for his son’s death. This is indeed very sad, isn’t it? Strict actions should be taken, so that these doctors don’t repeat it again or claim someone’s life like this.

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